“Quality, Craftsmanship, Friendly Proffesionalism - That’s what we work to be known for.”  -Robert Walker; Founder and CEO Building your dreams since 1984. © RKW Construction Co. LLC Website created by Dathan Walker        RKW Construction Co was founded in 1984 by Robert Walker. In 1985 we expanded our scope of work by qualifying for a commercial license . In 2005 we became incorporated and became an LLC with a duel license, roc205746.  We have built homes in Scottsdale, Mesa and Apache Junction, that have ranged in price from $150,000 to a $2,000,000 estate. Our commercial side of RKW has included many tenant improvements to a stand alone building. Prices have ranged from $5,000 to nearly $1,000,000. Our first large custom home was built in the prestigious Troons community, in north Scottsdale. Our most recent home, an estate, in north east mesa.    Although we enjoy building custom homes, our main staple are room additions, garage additions, carport to garage enclosures, patio additions, kitchen and bath remodels. On the commercial side, we move walls, add bathrooms, change exterior elevations through the addition of screen walls and/or  enhanced landscaping, parking lot revamping to parking lot lighting. From custom homes to small remodels and commercial stand alones to small tenant improvements, our work is masterfully completed to meet the most discerning needs.